A look back at 2015

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Nearing the year’s end, as I look back at the past year and look forward to the new, the first thing that comes to mind is gratitude, which I manifest daily. Specifically, I wanted to share some of the changes I made last year, that I have found very positive.  These 8 changes are directly related to personal care, because as we all know, being your best self helps you show up for others in your best way. Part of showing up is being there by example.  As I looked at these changes, I wanted to share them as they may apply to you in one way or another.

Here are some of this year’s healthy choices that affect mind, body, and spirit and help me stay focused, feel good and give more!



  1. Waking up earlier (going to sleep earlier). Having a consistent sleep and wake up time helps reset your biological clock. I accomplish more, have more me time and ready to start the day with a clear and well nourished mind and body.


  1. Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and all things. Because I wake up early enough, I have enough time to put a tablespoon of apple cider vingar in a glass of water. This is an invigorting way to wake up the body, help nourish the gut and rid the body of stored up toxins.
  2. Clean protein shake in the morning and evening  – A good protein shake is easy to do, does not need to be fancy and balances my glycemic level and energizes me.  I can also exercise before or after that with no fear of having eaten too heavily. It also makes me not feel hungry if Im in the office treating patients.
  3. Organic Non GMO and Sustainable foods whenever and however possible. I check labels and shop organic.  Another way I learn about food and enjoy is to shop in the farmers market.
  4. Varying types of food (not eating the same thing day after day). I try to vary the colors of my vegetables and my fruits, grains and legumes whenever possible.  When I find myself experiencing any potential allergies, I pay close attention to the principles of a rotational diet.



  1. Consistent yoga classes

Game changer! I will deal with this over the next year in detail with a suprising programing       that you will be very excited to be apart of.

2. Hiking in nature whenever possible

There are no words to describe the peace I feel, when I take the time to spend some time in nature. My lugs fill with clean air, my four legged friends are happy and my perspecitve is changed.  Always, get away from concrete when ever possible!



  1. Being in service to others- Giving takes you from the inside out. It makes sense that the healthier one feels the better one can give. If you know better, you do better.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

With Love,

Dr. Bass