The English Patient

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Saying goodbye to patients is always tough. But knowing that you’ve made a huge difference in their lives makes it a little easier to see them head back to the other side of the pond. Below is a letter
I received from them shortly after they returned home:


“Dear Marissa,

How do we start to thank you?
I am tempted to say that you have just about changed our lives.  When we came to you a few weeks ago we were stiff, sore and suffering what we thought were just the normal effects of getting older.
Having had assorted, relatively ineffective medical advice and attendant medication in the past  few years, we had just about resigned ourselves to accepting the discomfort  to which we had sadly become accustomed.  Your diagnosis was a breath of fresh air for both of us and the ‘departure’ of our frequent headaches is simply wonderful.
Now, after a few weeks of your adjustments we both feel so much better it is difficult to put our feelings in to words.    We both have flexibility in the spine which we had thought no longer possible.
Thank you so much for your  treatment,  professionalism,  and perhaps most of all your assurance that things were not beyond hope, as indeed has proved to be the case.
Your holistic principles, along with the advice you have given is invaluable.

Kind regards,
John & Susan Headey.